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Website Data Privacy Policy, GDPR Approach & Terms of Use


GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation – designed for the EU and anyone from EU using a website anywhere in the world.

Applies to PII – Personally Identifying Information: name, email, address, IP, information.

GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation – designed for the EU and anyone from EU using a website anywhere in the world.

Applies to PII – Personally Identifying Information: name, email, address, IP, information.

Our Data Privacy Approach

The website ( is considered in reasonable knowledge to be GDPR compliant.
The only method of providing information through the website is via the Contact page’s Contact Form or Contact links.
The website has no user account creation/logins for clients or members of the public as it is an “information-only” site.
The website makes no provision for user comments.


(1) No e-mail submission records PII data to external sources. We receive what you provide in the Contact Form.
(2) No e-mail IP addresses are collected, however, an E-mail’s source code may show an e-mail server IP address.
(3) E-mail source code may be viewed should content be in question, such as Spam.
(4) All Contact Form e-mails are processed through the CleanTalk anti-spam plugin. These e-mail details are stored overseas by CleanTalk for a week. CleanTalk complies with various privacy regulations.
(5) E-mails sent outside of the Contact Form via a clicked mailto: link, are not sent by the website and are treated as manually sent e-mails from your provider.
(6) How e-mails are used or stored outside the website is as per standard business practice, separate to the website practices.
(7) No e-mail should ever contain information that is either actual or potentially legally criminal or abusive. Such content may forfeit legal rights to privacy.
(8) No e-mail should ever contain PII details of other persons or entities without their permission.
(9) No e-mail should ever contain financial details – e.g. DR or CR card details.
(10) It is best practice to understand any e-mail may be viewed by another person during the history of the existence of that e-mail.
(11) No other information is obtained by the website, and is therefore not capable of downloading or deleting information stored about a person. (There is no such information kept.) The website e-mail plugin does not use a database storage facility for e-mail history.
(12) No PII data obtained through the website Contact Form shall ever be used to forward to 3rd party providers unless a specific request is made to do so – for example, referring someone to a service who requests such information you agree to.
(13) E-mails from the website are used to engage a client with specific requests made by the received e-mail. E-mails are not subsequently used to forward unsolicited e-mails, such as providing newsletters or marketing materials without direct positive opt-in and clarification.
(14) E-mails sent via the website domain name are processed by Microsoft Exchange with a Microsoft 365 account.
(15) As data is not stored on the website, there are no requirements for data breach reporting concerns. As e-mail data is secured using best practice with Microsoft, there is no known risk for data breach.

Hosting Infrastructure

This website is stored on a shared infrastructure platform using an SSL certificate and other security constructs. The country/city location of this server on Amazon AWS is located in Sydney.


Initial use of the website will request your acceptance of cookies. You may review cookies details by clicking on the symbol beside the https:// URL at the top left of your browser, or use of a Cookie Checking Tool.

At time of writing, cookies include:

(1) Those of CleanTalk – some of which are not used as the CT Firewall option is switched off – necessary for sending in Contact Form e-mails.
(2) Those for Google Analytics.

To provide GDPR compliance, the website provides an overlay to the footer of the site that gives notice of cookies and asks users for consent.

The visitor may alternatively self-opt to not use the site and delete cookies from their web browser.

Website Terms of Use

Nothing shall be deemed to give any person or persons the right to modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative content from, transfer, or sell any content, unless otherwise expressly permitted by aXon Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience. All original content on this website is Copyright to the original authors, All Rights Reserved. To make use of any content, permission must be granted.

This website is provided “AS-IS”. To the fullest extent allowable by law, aXon Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience does not guarantee or warrant any features or qualities of any content. Materials, statements and explanations on the websites are INFORMATIONAL ONLY and are made for explanatory purposes. Please consult your sources and providers for discussions on our materials. Our website materials are not intended for personal decisions and therapy without the advice from your own providers, and therefore do not carry any liability or warranty in their use.

By use of this website, you agree to indemnify and hold aXon Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, and any affiliates, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your consent and usage of the website, both present and future.

You agree to use the website with proper and ethical practice as generally recognised by the Internet community.

Our Terms of Use may change at any time without notice.


As materials are provided, these are not meant as treatment or to replace treatment.

All materials on this website are informational only, or general advice, provided without taking into account your own situation, objectives or needs. If information relates to your situation you should discuss in context and consultation with your own counselor or our services.

Neither aXonCPN, employees or persons associated with aXonCPN make any representation or warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of materials from this website. Neither do they accept any liability or responsibility, past, present, or future, arising in any errors, omissions or other perceived outcomes as a result of using such materials.

Should we provide external links or references, this does not imply endorsement of such sites or services.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at aXon Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience.

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